We understand that running a business is a daunting task; you focus on everything from HR to payroll and business development. You don’t have the time to worry about your Digital Marketing strategies and Technology departments… but we do!

EXIGENCY is ready to relieve the weight on your shoulders as your primary Digital Marketing and Technology provider. Most providers fall short of being the well-rounded solution you need but luckily for you, that’s exactly where we shine! We offer a wide variety of services, ranking us among the elites and surpassing all expectations; that’s a guarantee!

It sounds like you’ve just found a new home for all your Digital Marketing and Technology needs. Give us a call and we’ll schedule you for your free business consultation today (509) 992-8726.


The past decade, a noticeable trait of being “reactive” took hold and never let go. It pains us to see that your business is held back by the sharks of the business world today. Let us help you stray from your “reactive-only” solutions and lead you to a home with a more “proactive” approach.

Here at EXIGENCY, we pride ourselves on delivering consistent results and memorable experiences; leading us to becoming a trusted partner. To help accomplish this, we have multiple departments and teams dedicated to each division of BIOTECHNOLOGY, DIGITAL MARKETING, and TECHNOLOGY.

Your business will always be treated in high regard, that’s a promise!


When we stated “Our goal is to make a change in our community, our region and ultimately the world”, we knew our charitable side alone wouldn’t become large enough to make that impact; so we’re taking an additional approach.

A couple years back we’ve talked about providing renewable resources (primarily bio-fuel) to cut down on fossil fuel usages; ultimately lowering our Carbon Dioxide (CO2) footprint. A feat of its own but we’re thinking above, beyond and how we can tackle multiple hurdles while providing the outcome we seek to achieve.

Which takes us to expanding our current research, development and the production of hemp-based nutraceuticals, cosmetic and health products. We’ve already taken the first steps in producing industrial hemp/CBD Isolate. As a result, we’ve been able to produce high-quality CBD Isolate in the 99.6% confirmed tested range; which is to be tested in the nutraceuticals, cosmetic and health products.

EXIGENCY is quickly on the rise so, make us your new home and we look forward to sharing our journey with you; Biotechnology Q3’18.


Sometimes it’s hard getting ahead and we want you to know that we understand. So, check back for monthly deals on our Digital Marketing and Technology services.

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