Our origin begins in 2011 with the creation of web designs and computer repairs. We excelled in system/server repair which quickly led us to a Technology career in 2012, working for IT Solutions whom had no interest in their client’s well-being. Seeing the same repeated scenario, we knew that business shouldn’t be ran in such fashion, so we decided we needed to take a stand!


It wasn’t until the 4th of July 2016 in which we decided to form an alliance, banding similar minded individuals to prevent this travesty.

The idea of creating a community, a much needed, well-rounded DIGITAL MARKETING and TECHNOLOGY Solution was born.

The journey has been long but looking back, we only started with 3 members and now we’re reaching the upper 20’s. With the beginning of 2018 drawing near, we are looking to double that number and then by Q3’18, triple it!

Uniting our community, providing local business, services and jobs was first and foremost. As talks went on, so did the expansion of our dream! We’ve began including community services such as volunteer programs and sponsorship for teams, sports and/or businesses.

Our mission was to create a network in which your business could join and be treated to a list of resources helping your business grow successfully.

We have something that works, time and time again. We are growing at an unstoppable rate which means, we cannot spread ourselves thin. Providing your business with excellent service and support is our top priority and so we needed to hire a large number of employees. However, simply throwing money at employees was an answer but not the answer; we had something more beneficial in mind.

While keeping the idea of uniting our community in mind, it struck us. We’re surrounded by colleges, universities and the brightest minds in the nation! We set our sights on acquiring students and graduates for on the job training and business experience.

For those who are already part of our family (our clientele), both your community as well as EXIGENCY thanks you! Those who are considering joining the family, you are winning twice. you’ll get an amazing Technology company and you’ll be making a difference in the community.


Our mission to become a staple in the community begins with delivering consistent results and memorable experiences; leading us to becoming a trusted partner. We properly train each of our employees before any form of interaction is made. This ensures we can properly support your business, all while never overwhelming our teams and their respective divisions.

It’s our mission to provide your business the best possible experience, GUARANTEED.

Your invoice will be accurate and transparent because all service charges are approved by you. You’ll know exactly what you are pay for.

There will be no unexpected fees or charges and we make no excuses. We GUARANTEE the completion of your projects ON BUDGET and ON TIME.

First, before we provide services, an evaluation of your business is completed to uncover potential risks and issues. Furthermore, we will convey to you; discoveries, resolutions and obtain authorization begin work. Finally, all data, hardware and networks remain operational during the process.

Our team of technicians are very responsive when it comes to our support line. Typical response time is 1-5 minutes but never longer than sixty minutes.

Each of our employees have been properly screened and given an appropriate security level. This allows the appropriate engineers to service your issues, continue our student assistance program and keep your data and ours protected.


Without our core values, we’re no better than the competition… As a result, we offer you the best experience possible and accomplish this by:

  • Upfront and ethical business relationship
  • Consistent and high quality professional demeanor
  • Downtime prevention so YOU can focus on YOUR business

We hold a presence in DIGITAL MARKETING and TECHNOLOGY but we’re always looking for new areas to invest in. Making a difference in the world requires stepping out of your comfort zone in so, our next venture takes place in the field of Biotechnology (more information to come).


EXIGENCY is always seeking brilliant minds to collaborate with for new business ventures. Everything begins with an idea but EXIGENCY wants to help you make it a REALITY!

Feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting; we look forward to meeting with you!


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